H2 Breakthrough

Hydrogen Manufactured Onsite on Demand!

Patented Technologies — Major Markets Worldwide

Hydrogen Powe

Standby Power — 1000 Kw Shore Power — 2 to 6 MW

– Shore Power

– Raw Hydrogen Gas From Sea Water

– Hospitals

– Steam Turbines

– Nursing Homes / Hospice

– 6 Megawatt Alternators

– Micro-Grids

– Renewable Energy Source

– Banks

– Scalable

– Cold Storage

– No Battery Storage

– Processing Centers

– No Solar Panels

– Public Works

– Zero Polution

Hydrogen Power Breakthrough

Shore Power Made From Seawater brochure










About us

BPS was founded by Ken Bailey, inventor of the first portable hydrogen fuel cell and an industry insider since its inception. Bailey's other innovations in the field include the first automotive hydrogen fueling system and the first retro-fit for diesel vehicles. Early on, Bailey recognized hydrogen's potential to eliminate the harmful emissions produced by carbon-based fuels, especially diesel.

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